Date Night

Jimmy and I went on a date last night,. It was so much fun to dress up. We decided to use a Groupon (seriously, groupon saves us sooo much). I knew nothing about the restaurant except that it served a fusion of barbecue and sushi. Well, doesn't that sound interesting?? I was excited to try because I freaking love sushi. Like, so much. When we got to the restaurant, the waiter greeted us and started some small talk. In that small talk he may have mentioned that we were at a Guy Fieri restaurant. Upon hearing that name, I almost bolted. I have never had Guy Fieri's food- but there was no way I was going to eat it now. I am not a fan of him. At all. But, we had already scanned our Groupon, so we gave it a try. Honest Review: sushi was okay, but the shrimp appetizer was the best shrimp dish I've ever had. Ever. I am embarrassed to admit that I liked something so much at this restaurant. But I am nothing, if not honest. After a quite satisfactory dinner Jimmy and I walked to the nearest movie theater. The tickets were only $3! For a current movie! Whaa?? As you know from my love of Groupon that I am quite a frugal lady, I jumped at the chance to go to a $3 movie. And then we got inside. Guys, I am not even joking when I say this place was shady. Probably due to the many broken lights. Using the bathroom before the film felt like a good idea. I suppose my conscience is broken because the bathroom didn't look like a good idea at all. Nevertheless, I persisted. After the (scary) trip to the bathroom, we sat in the theater. It literally looked like someone had just covered the top of a parking lot full of seats. Straight up concrete floors. The seat in front of me was broken and hanging on its hinges, which distracted me as I chose my seat. I got quite a startle as I sat down and was poked by a spring sticking out of the cushion. You can't make this stuff up. Jimmy and I just laughed and laughed as each new scenario presented itself. Except that my laughing died down a bit when I looked into my future and saw a vision of myself combing lice out of my very long hair. Jimmy wasn't going to have to worry about that...

Fortunately for me, the lice have not actually come to pass. The movie was okay, but the experience was top notch. I love adventures. Thank goodness Jimmy likes adventures too, because folks, I am no picnic. But, I will get you the best deal around! 

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