While we were at the Hamilton's house last week, Vivy found a new friend. 
Actually, she found a best friend. 
She came in one day while I was in the kitchen working and stated, matter-of-factly, "I found my best friend!"
I was wondering which Hamilton child she would drag me to as she took my hand for the fateful introduction. I didn't have to go far. A few feet, in fact. 
Vivy introduced me to the trash can. 
She looked square at the can then commanded, "Show me it!"
The automatic lid popped open and she praised, "Good job!" 
Then she hugged it. 
My daughter hugged a trashcan. For the rest of the time we spent at the Hamilton home, Vivy would lovingly stroke her friend and continue to throw phrases of affirmation as she threw the trash away. I suppose Vivy will never have a problem finding friend, her standards are pretty low...

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