Your driver for the day

So, lately I've been doing some wine tours through a concierge service I chef through and it's been a blast! 

I have a great time picking up tourists and showing them the valley I love so dearly. 

Today for my drive, the clients were raving about some English muffins they had when they previously visited Napa.
 I cocked one eyebrow and said, "you mean the Model Bakery English muffins?"
"Yes!!!" They exclaimed.
I then offered to drive to the bakery while the clients were at a wine tasting because the bakery sells out early due to popular demand and a recent segment on Food Network highlighting this baked good. 
When I arrived at Model Bakery I was confronted by a full case of English muffins. Thank goodness they hadn't sold out! Approaching the counter to order, I was confident because of my get-there-before-they-sold-out skills. 
"Eight English muffins, please." I asked with great courtesy.
The woman behind the counter then responded, "there's a six muffin limit."
With my confidence waning just a tad, I repeated, "eight English muffins, please." 
She looked at me, blinked, and gave me the same answer. 
Then I started semi-pleading with stories about how I am driving for people from out of town and that I had to bring eight and that there were right people and that they were from out of town- basically repeating myself over and over while my voice was getting progressively higher. 
I could tell from the Clark's silence that I was not getting anywhere...
Then, with a glint in my eye, I pawed the tip jar and said, "What a lovely tip jar."
Folks, I had stooped so low. So very low. 
While I was inwardly berating myself for the tactic, the woman behind the counter brightened and stuffed two extra muffins in my bag. 
I thought that bribery stuff only worked in the movies! 
On my way back to the vehicle I paused mid walk and thought, "it would probably be pushing it to go back and get one for myself..."

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