The gun show

I went into the library in the morning to check out the facilities because of a catering gig I had later in the day. 

Somehow, I made my way to the circulation desk and paid my fines. You guys- I never have fines on my card. Never. But when Vivy was a newborn, we had a long stretch between book returns. Juding by my FIFTY dollar fine, it was a stretch that should have been til Vivy was college bound! It was a humbling surprise when I asked the amount I owed. Then I may have mentioned to the librarian that she probably sees a lot of people carrying book fine guilt. To which she added a grin and nod. After paying my hefty fine, I noticed a sign for story time. Having never taken Vivy to the library story time, I thought it would be fun to pop in. Well, it was a story time, alright. For babies. Little babies. I was just about to turn and leave when Vivy saw the fun going on and pitched a fit. I stayed. I did all the activities. For little babies. Less than 25 lb babies. Little babies that do not struggle to break free when you "rock in a tree top". Little babies that can be lifted into the air each time the sing says "baby" without their adult grunting. Little babies that lie still on the floor when you are supposed to bend over and tickle their toes. 

Halfway through the story time, parents were no longer looking at the story teller. Nope. They were looking at my attempt to tame the beast. After thirty minutes enduring the embarrassment that comes with tickling under a toddler's chin that attempts to bite repeatedly, the story time finally ended. I am not kidding when I say I was not the only parent to breathe a sigh of relief. I kept thinking, "these newbie parents have no idea what they're in for..." I may not have had a quiet bonding experience with a precious newborn, but no one can rival the arm workout I got today. 

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