It's moments like these that make me realize I need a reality show

I provide a dinner delivery service to different families each week. One such family lives at the end of a quaint little lane in a quiet area of town. I switched cars with Jimmy this week for baby car seat issues. When I made a delivery in his car to the sleepy little street, I accidentally pressed the key fob and set off the alarm. It was quite the scene. 
Picture this:
-car alarm blaring
-Stephanie frantically pressing the red button with no response
-car continues to screech, disturbing the peace, causing neighbors to point and stare
-Stephanie gets out of the car and points the key fob at the car while pressing red button very deliberately at the mechanical beast
-a beat
-Stephanie realizes that she has been pointing the Honda key fob at the car while trying to stop the alarm
-Stephanie is driving the Cadillac 

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