Paranormal Activity

My friends and I went on a city ghost tour last night. When we arrived at our meeting location and the your guides broke out their equipment, I was nervous. I wasn't sure if it was such a good idea to be searching for spirits. I've never been skeptical of paranormal activity. I believe in ghosts. I believe in an afterlife. Because of that belief, my mind started running a little wild.
And then our guide started telling stories. She was a fabulous historian. Hearing stories of people that once lived seemed respectful. And paying homage to those that once had passion on this earth made me introspective. Particular stories made me want to reach out and speak to these people. Rather than be spooked out, I had great sorrow. Sorrow for their losses and unfortunate end. At points in the tour, I actually wanted to stand up and talk about the plan of salvation! I wanted to share my testimony of peace, love and eternal life. That to really speak to people in another realm all you have to do is to pray. We are each given the gift of personal revelation- what an amazing thing! Now, I know if I had done that I would look like the crazy eccentric one in a group full of ghost hunters.  I highly recommend the tour, solely for the historical aspect. I was in rapt attention. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to experience a real strengthening of my testimony. To know where I stand in this earthly life and where I can stand in the next. 

P.S. Because going on a ghost tour is not spooky enough, we went to the cemetery afterwards. It was scary (although humbling) to walk among graves at midnight. But it got me to be thoughtful and eventually peaceful thinking of what these people were passionate about and how much they loved. Strange as it may seem, the night made me want to delve into genealogy. After I am done screaming and peeing my pants a little. 

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