Drive in Holy Places

Another funny story from driving:
When the party I was driving got back in the car after their final stop, they were laughing about something they had started discussing over dinner. I heard a buzz word load and clear, "Mormons" and started to listen more carefully. I found that eavesdropping wasn't necessary due to the fact they asked me if I had ever heard of the term they were talking about. Of course, I had never heard of it. But the tone being used made me think that I may not want to know the details...
I suppose my desire to not know was not more obvious because the group proceeded to explain to me a practice 'held by Mormons' that was completely foreign to me. I cocked one eyebrow and said, "What Mormon do you know that has confirmed this as fact?"
They just giggled and said there had been studies proving it. The whole exchange was goofy (they were tipsy) and goid natured. 
I gave them a look of disbelief. A beat. And then, "Are YOU a Mormon?!"
"Yes I am!" I yelled loud and clear. 
The group then howled in laughter. 
One if the woman mentioned, "I have a friend that's a Mormon and she told me it was true, but I shouldn't have believed her because she drinks more than I do!!!"
Maybe she wasn't a great source?  

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