Goodbye to an OLD friend

Jimmy and I took our old car, Estelle, to the pick n' pull yesterday.
Poor old lady barely made it! Just a block, ONE block, away from the junk yard, the car wheezed her last breath... and then, a surprise! She kicked back into to gear to roll into the lot. When Jimmy parked the old mare, I swear, she muttered a curse as her last words. Upon entering the office, I knew we would have to maybe take less $ because poor Estelle would not perform. After doing all the paper work, the worker asked us to drive up to the office for inspection. Yikes! We went to go start the car... the engine would not turn over. I would just like to inform you that it was pouring rain during this whole tale (just so you could understand my suffering).
I walked very slowly back to the office in hopes that the engine would cool down enough to start. I peeked my head into the office and told the clerk we just had to, "empty out the trash".
The "trash" was minuscule pieces of paper and invisible dust to buy more time.
Jimmy took.his.time.
I sat in my car playing with my new iPod.
Finally, Estelle grunted into starting and Jimmy drove her the few feet to the designated inspection spot. The clerk came out and drew all over the car. Poor Estelle had never had a tattoo before, but she is feisty enough to pull it off. The office cut us a check and sent us on our merry way. In fear of the pick n' pull chasing us down to take back the check, we peeled out of the parking lot at near warp speed. So quickly, in fact, that we didn't get to say our sweet goodbyes to a car that served us well. So in hopes of redeeming my poor behavior, I write this post to honor sweet Estelle.
May she rest in peace.

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Prince@LexusOfAnnarbor.com said...

I’m pretty sure that Estelle is happy for you. It’s hard not to get attached to our cars. I’m sure that a new car will come in to pamper your needs in terms of transportation.