Papa's got a brand new Caddy

Poor Estelle didn't stand a chance against this young buck:
Fortunately, we bought ours without the chicks. Although the new Cadillac is a womanizer, I wouldn't stand for those two under our roof- or the moon roof in the car. (Nice segway, no?) I am excited for Jimmy to FINALLY have a nice car... not like any of the crap wagons he's had to drive in the past.
We are still debating what to name the newcomer to our family. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Michelle Graham said...

Indigo Montaya! princess bride! that would be funny

Shari said...

Maddy the Caddy. That's my vote.

Anonymous said...

Maddy the Caddy. That's my vote.

Shari Erickson :o)

Tara said...

You need something that screams acrylic nails, lip injections, and hair extensions...I vote Carmella