Good thing Jimmy is not a politician

That boy has so many "...uh..." moments. Example?

After helping me unload groceries and making note of what I bought: "You got meat and potatoes... it's Stephanie's perfect trifecta!...uh...if you add another thing."

When driving him home from a hard day at work once: "Ahhh.... no more work, no more school, more more teachers' dirty loo...uh.... no more books..."

I just love how he trails off! It reminds me of Tommy Boy (you're the one with the shell on it...) because it takes him longer than anyone else to realize he's got it all wrong. We laugh so hard at Jimmy's little cliche slip-ups. In our household, it's usually Jimmy's flubs that become the new cliche. You know, everything is just "so good, so far..." On the clip below, please note 0:32 & 1:54... that's Jimmy.

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