An unexpected Up

Tonight while I was finishing up a scarf I was crocheting for my niece, Kaitlin came in the room inquiring to what I was doing. I showed her the scarf and made mention of the fact that I was using leftover yarn from a blanket I had started making when I found out we were expecting her. The reason I never gave Kaitlin this blanket was because I made the first row so long that is was HUGE. I have just never gotten around to making it smaller. It was nice to take it out and wrap it around my sweet girl four times (I told you it was huge) and tell her all about why I made the blanket in the first place. I told Kaitlin of what I thought about when I was working on the blanket- how we would someday sing together and read together. That I would take her to school and piano lessons. I went on and on about the fantasies I had while preparing for her to join our family. What happened next was so precious and unexpected. My darling Kaitlin turned around with big tears in her eyes and said, "I didn't know you loved me that much back then." As I pulled her into a large hug, she just kept saying, "I love you, too!" and smothering me with kisses.What a surprise! I could not get over how touched she was by something so simple to me. It was sweet affirmation that what may seem like small moments are really the ones that are most important.

Now the true miracle? ... if I can remember this the next time she drives me IN-SANE. Parenting has it's ups and downs... the ups are so worth the downs.

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