We haven't even had Summer weather-

but we're going back to school?!
Goodness, the Summer went FAST!
Here's to a fabulous year of:
  • early, frantic mornings
  • lost shoes
  • bed head
  • stinky, stinky lunch pails to clean out
  • every bleed you dry fundraiser available
  • thousands of tiny papers/projects coming home

and, drumroll please......

  • six whole hours of peace and quiet


{april kennedy} said...

I am refusing the 'early frantic morning' schedule. but that might be hard considering no one has been waking before 9:00 am here the past month or so. I am dreaming of out of bed early, showering, making lunches, making breakfasts, morning family prayer and 10 minutes early to school! ya right....it will probably only last three days. then next week we will be a mess in the mornings!

I Play With Fire said...

Hooray for all-day Kindergarten!!!!!!

Jessica Bear said...

:( She's growing up.

So, I've discovered I'm missing two vital bits of information from you.
1. your email (?! how'd the heck)
2. Kate's actual birthday day. Jim and I've been guessing.

Love you all!