pity parties are not allowed at our house

even if I'm the one that chooses the color scheme and sends the invites.

1 1/2 weeks ago I fell. I got hurt. I'm still on bed rest.

You'd think after sitting with my leg elevated and driving privileges revoked, that my blog posts would be flying through the lines of the internet like a banshee on fire. But, alas, that fate was not to be. Netflix had taken me hostage. My blog finally paid the ransom required and here I am!

So to catch all 3 readers up with the circumstances, here's the story:

I went to a Time Out for Women conference with all the girls. We left early Friday morning to do some vital shopping before dinner and the first speakers that night. I was fueled to spend, dude. I had a large wad of cash just sitting on it's haunches, waiting to attack. At Nordstrom's I took a dent out of the cash and was giddy with the designer jeans and fabulous tops I had acquired. After a round of the mall, we were heading out for an early dinner. Carla and I made one last stop at H&M before leaving. At H&M, baby Blake (Carla's sweet nugget of joy) was getting a little fussy. So I went around the front of the stroller and picked him up. As I picked the baby up, the weight of our shopping bags pulled the stroller backwards. Instead of just letting it fall, I lunged forward to catch it. What's unfortunate about that situation is that my foot ad knee wanted to stay put while the rest of my body did not. So, my knee twisted and popped, causing my knee to buckle under my weight. I fell while Blake was in my arms! I know without a shadow of doubt that there were guardian angels there right at that moment. I literally remember him floating comfortably down onto my chest while I fell. He was completely unharmed. It was as if there were invisible hands that nestled him down onto me after I fell. There are no other words to describe it.

When I tried to stand up, my leg could not bear weight. So, I limped over to a lounge outside the store. As I was sitting there, I just kept praying. And I kept feeling that I really needed to go the hospital. But the internal conflicts started to rise up and fight for air. I can't ask these girls to skip dinner and take me to the ER!...maybe it's not that bad.... I have to make lunch for tomorrow...what about the girl talk tonight?... and on and on it went. I knew that I desperately needed to go to the ER. So, when Kelly and Carla came out of the store, I let them know what I needed. They took me back to the Hotel lobby to wait for Jimmy to pick me up. When he got there, I had come to terms with leaving for the night, but had fully expected to return for the following day.
After a night in the ER, I did not think it possible to return- especially because Saturday's plan involved a lot of walking. The AMAZING women left at the conference took care of lunch the following day for me. They called to see how I was.
I am seriously touched by all the help and concern I've received because of this accident. There has been an outpouring of love and service that I am truly grateful for. My family has helped so much as well. although it would have been nice to attend the whole conference, I do not regret anything that happened. I may get frustrated at times because of the stupid crutches and imbecile brace I'm required to use, but it has afforded me a much needed break from life. Recovery has been slower than I expected, but I'm okay with that... for now.


Katie Blatter said...

Awww Steph I'm so sorry! :( I guess you just needed to be forced to slow down eh? Or maybe it just was simply an accident. Either way I hope you're not in pain and that you heal quickly.

Ms. Green Eyes said...
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Kelly said...

Thank you for the AMAZING lunch! It was so so so good! Sorry you couldn't be there to enjoy it. I am glad you are enjoying netflix! You probably needed a little down time, right?? Heavenly Fathers way of sweet yelling at you SLOW DOWN! (since you probably didn't hear him quietly and sweetly telling you, so he yelled while letting you fall)


Let me know when you decide to go shopping again, I'd like to go, you are a great personal shopper...and I really could use some new clothes!

Hope you're up an at 'em soon!