A modern day fable

After going to the doctor's office, my Mother-in-law and I went to Panda Express to grab some lunch. We each got a Panda bowl, yum. As I was eating my food, I pushed the orange chicken to the side to eat the rice first. I always do that with my food- save the best for last. I had just finished most of the rice and was ready to stab into that first piece of chicken. Just as my chopstick went into the bowl, it lost balance and tipped over... all.over.the.ground. Argh!

Moral of the story: don't save the best for last because you may never get to it OR make sure there's a fro yo shop next door to sop up your sorrow with multiple toppings.

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Katie Blatter said...

I used to do that too, until I realized how silly it was! It was making me eat more than I wanted. Now I have dessert first!