When we went to Utah last month, the dog slept on the couch. Dog sleeping on the couch= Stephanie's late night-red eyed-never ending search on Craig's List for a replacement. We've already flipped the cushions, that's not an option anymore.

One thing I need to say about Craig's List- people's definition of, 'nice' are verrrry different.
On my hunt for the perfectly priced sofa, I have been led through all kinds of scary postings making me wonder a few things:
  1. Why must every picture be taken in terrible lighting?
  2. Who ever decided that forrest green was a good color for leather?
  3. What makes people think 'comfortable' and 'attractive' are synonomous? If it doesn't work for shoes, it won't work for couches.

It's been a fun journey looking through other people's cast offs... but when it's time to finally buy a couch, it will be new. And then I will make the dog sleep outside.

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