The red button kid revisited

To quote an earlier post:
"I am a self proclaimed red button kid. The definition of a red button kid is this: one that sees a button, any button and has an overwhelming urge to push/pull said button. I still have to fold my arms when I walk by the fire alarm at the church. Luckily, there's a protective plastic shield over that alarm now. It used to be completely exposed... I would have to walk very quickly past that red button with arms folded and look in the complete opposite direction."

It seems that karma like to make a mockery of one, Stephanie Graham... because, literally touching the kindergarten class sign out sheet- the sheet I have to touch every day- is this:


{april kennedy} said...

You could always blame it on 'the crazy lady'!

Melissa Seaton said...

I totally can relate to your problem, I'm the same way. I don't know if I ever told you the story from my mission about the fire alarm. Well My companion and I were walking through the church one morning during district meetings and I told her about my urge to push the fire alarm, somehow that triggered something, and she lifted the glass and it went off, talk about embarrassing and the sound wasn't too fun. The fire department had to come. I kind of learned my lesson after that.

Mills said...

Doesn't Emily go to that school, pull it and just say you saw Megan running the other way!