Confessions of a Black Friday Shopper

I was a Black Friday novice this year. Not once in my life had I wanted to attend a Black Friday shopping trip. In fact, I avoided Black Friday like the plague. Well, I suppose I met my tipping point this year and succumbed to the ads... I have to say, this will be my new tradition! I LOVED it! I got to spend some girl time with my mom and in-laws, I got some uh-may-zing deal, and I just had a blast! Here's the rundown:

Thursday Night: after extensive debate and many shreds of newspaper ads, go to bed at 8:00pm


2:00 am: pop out of bed like a well oiled toaster

2:57 am: leave the house with minimal baggage- debit card and license in one pocket, ads and shopping list in the other

3:14 am: be fourth in line at Kohl's, have a great time laughing and joking with fellow shoppers(until 4:00 am, then all bets are off)

4:02 am: run through the store like a mad woman

4:06 am: realize no one else is in a shopping frenzy and calm down to get the things on my list

4:47 am: leave Kohl's and head to WalMart

4:53 am: invent own parking space, hop in to WalMart, weave my way to the back of the store for desired product, yank last desired from woman with less spunk/sass, check out and be on my merry way

5:13 am: arrive at Target, do some shopping come out while it's still! dark!

6:48 am head over to World Market and get a free ornament in the gift basket, buy French Milled soap for a buck! woo hooo!!!!

7:36 am: breakfast/should be lunch... at IHOP- thanks, Mom!!!!

8:53 am: got to Fairfield Michael's and start to ebb a bit. We all started walking around like zombies visiting aisles repeatedly and slurring our speech.

10:03 am: Head home- crash.

I will be doing it next year, any takers?


{april kennedy} said...

I'm totally there with you next year. I didn't go this year and sadly missed it. I'm glad you loved it. IT is a fun tradition and a great start to the christmas season!

Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

sounds soooo fun! it is silly I saw your mother in law but not you. I think i bumped into her twice at kohls

Shawn said...

So funny! My favorite is 4:53 am starting with inventing own parking space!