I'm so sneaky

My mom sent us a few treats from See's Candy a few weeks ago. One of the treats was a 1 lb. box of Nuts & Chews... I know you're drooling, but please people, let's get a hold of ourselves. Because Halloween was soon approaching, we put the See's in the cupboard so Kaitlin's cheap candy would be consumed first. I assumed that Jimmy had forgotten about the 1 lb. box of Nuts & Chews and very slyly hid it on top of the refrigerator. While Jimmy and Kaitlin would snack on her Halloween goodies occasionally, I would sneak into the kitchen for a taste of the good stuff. I had a meeting to attend to one night and had to leave my precious (think Gollum from Lord of the Rings...) chocolates to fend for themselves. Apparently, I did not take into account that Jimmy is, in fact, taller than me... hence, being able to see the box, hence finding it when I was at the meeting, hence... oh, gosh- you know what happened next- I was caught red handed... melted chocolate handed, rather. I am not as stealth as I think I am. At least I ate all the good ones first.

p.s.- thank you all for your sweet and tender words from my Kenai post. Your words are very encouraging and it helps to have them in this difficult time.

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{april kennedy} said...

I keep my mint chocolate covered oreos in an upper cabinet next to the fridge (next to my bowls). One day I opened the cabinet and Blake saw them. Getting all excited he said, "That's funny...how did cookies get way up there." I just hemmed and hawed and took them down and shared them. Bummer. Know how you feel. Hopefully you got to the caramels first!