What's your score?

A few years ago, I came up with a game that makes me happy. Because, I nearly always win. Scratch that, I always win.

Here's the game: Dork Snort

Rules: For each time a player does something that qualifies as 'dorky', the other players must award points, ranging from 1 to 3. You know, like how many snorts you would cough up for level of dorkiness. For example- If you stumble while walking along a level surface, that's 1 point. If you stumble while walking on a level surface, have an exaggerated large trip, but regain your senses, that's 2 points. If you are walking and fall flat on your face, that's an easy 3 points.
Then the person receiving points would snort the appropriate number of times.

It's not an 'everyone take turns' game, just a running tally of daily events.
Every year at girls' camp we play. In fact, I am usually playing (with myself) everyday. That explains a lot, huh?


Katie Blatter said...

Words cannot describe. Just know that I'm laughing hysterically!

Shawn said...

snort, snort