breaking the mold

Netflix is my buddy.
I love watching the instant streaming movies and shows, especially the ones they predict I'll love. Well, I recently watched Bonneville, a movie that was suggested to me by my buddy.
It wasn't terrible, but there was one thing in particular that bothered me.
There was a character that was the 'stuffy Mormon'.
The movie writers got the technical parts of Mormonism right... but man, oh, man!!! I am glad I don't fit in to the stereotype that was presented on the big screen.
First of all, the character seemed to be acting in such a way that she resented what she was choosing to do. That she was sorry she couldn't drink coffee, gamble or get drunk. This woman seemed to be the weak link of the friendship. The worry wart. The boring one. Ha!

I want to say right now that the only women I have met that practice their religion (any religion) in that manner- are not happy. The convictions are nearly nonexistent and there's nothing to keep you satisfied in the relationship with your church or deity.
There is a sense of strength that comes from choosing what you know to be right and sticking with it.
With faith comes the desire to do much good in the world, and usually not in an abrasive way that is demeaning to others. I admire all those that readily discuss their beliefs, no matter what sect. I take great comfort in being surrounded by wonderful examples of what a woman should be.
Every religious friend I have is a force to be reckoned with. I love them all. I look up to the beacon they reveal. There is no wishy washy temperament that meanders its way through their choices. And they are definitely not boring...

Can I get an amen?!