I am so inspired by the records kept by my Norwegian people. We got to study books of all the family farms in Norway and see this AMAZING family tree dating back to the 1500's.

Once landing in Trondheim, AnneBrit (Kate's namesake- Kailtin Annabritt Graham) and Kate were instant name twins.
It warmed my heart to be welcomed off the airplane with such loving, open arms.
We went from the airport to my family's home and had a delicious dinner. This is where the fun begins for me! I kept asking about how the meal was prepared and what types of food was a typical meal in Norway. Everyone spoke impeccable English, so talking was so smooth and easy. We were welcomed so kindly. It was when we compared our family trees after dinner that we realized our family relation went back quite a few generations, hahaha! We used 'cousins' but never the 'distant' part of the term when referring to each other, it was fabulous.
After dinner we had a special table set up with desserts. We were treated like royalty.
This is Einar's brother on the cover of the local newspaper celebrating his 95th birthday!

 We traveled around the country visiting all kinds of family. It was an amazing experience to meet everyone!

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