I love to see the temple

This past week, the sister teaching Relief Society called and asked if Kate and I could sing "I love to see the temple" for the closing song in RS. I happily said yes. She then asked if I could find the accompanist as well. Of course, I agreed. 
Well, even though it was just a few days ago that she asked, I completely forgot! In fact, I was blissfully unaware that I was singing and had never even told Kate about it when the teacher reminded me between sacrament meeting and Sunday school. But I didn't say that to her- oh, no... I just nodded and smiled. 

Then, once that sister walked away, I walk/ran as fast as was appropriate for a lady in heels and the church of The Lord to do. I grabbed Kate from class and took her to a supply closet where we practiced. Her in bewilderment, me in urgency. After a few times through, I realized that we maybe couldn't pull this off a Capella. I had Kate wait in the closet and grabbed a talented pianist to play for us. We ended up practicing a few times- in between my apologies to my daughter and my accompanist. But, we pulled it off. It sounded wonderful and I was brought right back to this day. 
Kate's twelfth birthday when she chose to attend the temple on her birthday. It was a special day for our whole family. The spirit was tangible. The temple presidency met with us and did temple work with us! That same temple president spoke about our sweet Kate at a neighboring stake's conference. What was said to us before our session was this: "Kate, there has been a special spirit this whole week and especially this morning in the temple. It's because the Savior is happy that you made this choice. He is very pleased with your actions and we all get to witness that!" 
This was a special day for our family and I am so glad we all got to go. 

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