I have been driving Kate to downtown Vallejo twice a week for school. The program is great, if far away... 
The progression of emotion driving through Vallejo has been interesting. What used to make me nervous now leaves me charmed. Like, "How charming it is that that store has a hand painted sign? They were able to paint right around the bullet hole to make it part of the art." Or, "I'm glad that man with a sleeping bag wrapped around him is walking around, he must be cozy." 

Also, I have never visited a Subway sandwich shop with bullet proof glass between myself and the sandwich technician... That's new. 
It's been an experience. Not bad, as my post may lead you to believe. It's actually been quite eye opening. In all seriousness, I have found some downright wonderful shops- I did have to walk through break dancers to get to one shop today- a little inconvenient, I know. But, how cool is that? People still breakdance?? In all honesty, I have sincerely enjoyed the time I've spent jumping feet first into a community that I usually try to avoid. I have found the cheapest thrift shops, interesting furniture stores and best down home cooking I've had in a long time. I'm admitting it- downtown Vallejo is not half bad. I think it helps that fat people are harder to kidnap...

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