Mother's Day Gift Checklist

The most amazing bollywood movie soundtrack- check
Kaitlin singing the sweetest song ever- check
Special cards from around the nation- check
Reoccurring bout of strep throat- check

Yeah... I must need to be humbled in some way. Because I got strep on my birthday and now on Mother's day. Literally the day after I finished antibiotics, the symptoms started again. I had a phone appointment with the doctor on Friday evening. He told me to get a prescription before the pharmacy closed on Friday evening so that I could start antibiotics over the weekend and not have to wait until Monday for the clinic to open. Jimmy drove like the dickens down there to get my medication. The doctor's other instructions were to wait until the symptoms got worse and to call an advice nurse before starting the medicine. Well folks, the symptoms got worse. I called the advice nurse. He insinuated through his lisp that I am an antibiotic fiend and refused to let me start taking anything to curb these symptoms. Because it is Sunday, our clinic in Napa is not open, so we have to drive to Vallejo for any treatment. Question: why in the world would I continue calling for an antibiotic that's side effects are yeast infections, diarrhea and stomach cramping? So, I will be spending the day (the national breakfast-in-bed, homemade card, sloppy kid kisses day) driving to Vallejo waiting in a very full urgent care room to get a throat culture- just so they can tell me to take the medication I have been sitting on since Friday. Niiiice...

* Update: Crisis averted! I talked to a doctor right before going into church (and then on to urgent care) and he basically called out the advice nurse for giving bad advice. The dear doc told me to take the antibiotics and hop my way into church to have a wonderful mother's day. Yay! You should never trust anyone with a lisp that thinks you're an antibiotic junkie.


Kelly said...

ahhh....I'm sorry. I would just start the meds, and eat a lot of yogurt, and take some pro-biotics.
get well!!!

lmhiserman said...

Stories like these is one of the many reasons I love to read your blog! Even in your weakened sickly state, you're still hysterical.

Ms. Green Eyes said...

Eat a yogurt every day you are on the antibiotics. No yeast infection. Promise! (I was on antibiotics FOREVER after having Scar... ate yogurt every day, no problem!). Hope you feel better. :(