I don't usually like to post experiences like this on my blog. I like to keep it light and fun... but I lost my journal. I can't find it anywhere and I need to write this down because it was such a sweet experience for me and I want to remember it.

I worked hard all day on a huge catering event. My feet hurt. I look terrible. But we are going out of town tomorrow and I needed gas. I was debating on whether or not to get gas tonight or tomorrow morning. After working so hard, I thought that Heavenly Father would understand if I went home to bed instead and bought gas on the Sabbath. You see, as part of our religion, we choose to be with family, study scriptures and not shop on Sundays, to keep the Sabbath day holy. In some circumstances, I feel that God understands that we tried our best. Example?: medicine or emergency room, during travel and things of similar nature.

I was well on my way to drive the easy way home (small amount of signals, lots of highway), when I felt a small twinge that I should just bite the bullet and go through town to get gas. In the back of my mind, I felt like it was good to be obedient even when you're exhausted. After getting gas, I took some time to wash my windows. As I was just finishing the rear window, when a car with two young women pulled up to ask for directions after being unsuccessful with two other customers at the gas station. I happily gave them directions and was ready to go home. When I turned away from their car, I noticed that they seemed a little confused by my directions. I was thinking, 'it's so easy... just take a left and a left and you're well on your way. Heck, it's on my way home!' hmm... duh! I offered for the girls to follow me onto the long road up valley since it was on my way home anyway. They seemed grateful and follwed me on their journey. Hopefully they got to where they were going safely.

Now, I know that this experience is simple. But for me it was profound. The car literally felt filled with a strong spirit of peace while I was driving home. I felt that those girls could have prayed to find help- but even if they didn't, a loving God helped them find their way. I feel like in life, we sometimes get a little off the path and need help getting pointed in the right direction. In some instances, we are prayerful in finding our way back, but in others, He just leads us. He puts people in our path to get us heading in the right direction. I have so many dear friends and family that are like little lights on my path (picture the aisle lights in a movie theater). How grateful I am to a loving Heavenly father that grants me small moments that seem so nearly insignificant, but really punch a hole in my heart and make it soft. I love it when I am blessed for being obedient. I love it when the Lord uses me to help and serve others. My favorite thing to do is serve- food, cleaning, teaching- you name it. I get such abundant joy from helping and doing. I know that I am not the best at everything (terrible at writing thank you cards- terr-i-ble!). But I have such gratitude for the talents I have been blessed with.

How wonderful it feels to have small moments in time that are pivotal to a facet of my testimony. I love them and I love to remember them! Gosh, now I am kind of grateful I didn't find my journal, because this would have been terrible to write out long hand, huh?

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