Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

It is Jimmy's birthday today (as the title states) and I wanted to say a few things about Jimmy that will make him want to hide under the table. However, Mr. Graham does not read my blog unless I'm lording over him to read the funniest post ever. I guarantee you that he never agrees. It will be your job, dear readers, to tell him all about what you read on this here blog the next time you see him. That way, all these praises that make him blush will not be in vain.

Anyway, Jimmy my sweet darling husband of nearly nine years has been a stellar example of patience (with me) and hard work. He puts up with my many antics. Most of which are my own fault. That man still has major skill in keeping a straight face when I insist that, "it wasn't my fault!"
I cannot get over the way he amazes me everyday with his strength of character.
I am so proud of all that he has accomplished. My darling has a youtube station that been very successful- I am so proud! Jimmy has always been such a hard worker that I am grateful it is really paying off. And, he's doing what he loves. Because of his persistence, Jimmy has been able to test video games, go to gaming conferences and get some great connections in the industry. It used to be that I was embarrassed to say Jimmy wanted to work in the video game industry, but now I couldn't be happier. I have really looked up to him going after his dreams.

I love that Jimmy's testimony of the gospel strengthens our family. That to write a talk, all I need is Jimmy in the room because he knows every reference and cross reference in the scriptures. It makes me so happy that he shares all the scripture stories with Kaitlin and has given her a love of the scriptures.

My poor husband also suffers through severe poison oak every time he mows the lawn. But he still does it.

That man has also suffered through the numerous pranks I play. It takes a real man to have an ice cold glass of water poured on them in the shower and not scream like a girl.

I am so grateful to being going through this life journey with my best friend. He's kept me laughing the whole time. What's life if you can't laugh, right?

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