Souper night!

Jimmy and I were the judges for a soup and cake contest for a party tonight. We had such a fun time! I looked a little dorky bringing in my notebook and calculator (to average out the scores, ya know). We tried so many soups and desserts. The soup part was difficult because of the varieties brought. I thought the desserts would be easier- no way! Everything was delicious... my idea of a great night!
Soup winner- creamy mushroom (but the corn chowder was a VERY close second. We sat deliberating for quite some time)
Cake winner- chocolate truffle (taste)
Cake winner- raspberry cheesecake (presentation)
I'm in serious need of recipes. Because so many things were amazing!

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HappyHourSue said...

Actually i think I could live on mushroom soup and cake. Yes. I'm sure I could.

Thanks for delurking!