I can explain...

I really can!
  • catered a: wedding, employee appreciation party, New Year's Eve, baby shower (more like bought premade cakes), Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve in Saratoga, wedding in Santa Cruz, luncheon, ward party

  • read too many books (most very fun)

  • visisted with great family

I have been so blessed to have tons of events lately! I have really enjoyed the crazy that came our way. Done with the spiel- on with the smatter of pictures, I say!

above: Holiday progam at school

Below: Kaitlin's letter to Santa

Baby Rachel! (Natlaie's newest)

Above: We saw this house on the news and decided to visit on our drive home from Saratoga, Christmas Eve. It was AMAZING! There were tweo neighbors that rigged up lights to match music. It was a 12 minute program that was so awesome. Seriously, the picture does not do it any justice at all. we will be visiting again next year.
Below: disclaimer- that is cranberry juice.

Above: some serious gaming going on
Below: some serious chocolate eating going on

Yes, everyone was riveted at the New Year's Eve Party. everyone...
Kaitlin brings me this for breakfast in bed. Almsot every morning. On a tray. I love it!


Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

love the pictures... why is she bringing you breakfast in bed? is she a morning person??

Katie Blatter said...

Woah. I think I need to be more relaxed. I focus too much on not wanting Jacob to make a mess. I should obviously let him do more on his own. Although with Ellie I notice she does what she wants anyway whether she has permission or not. Love the pic of you two and especially LOVE Kaitlin in the picture of everyone!