The happiest place on earth

Disneyland in two words- AWE-SOME!!!!

One of my all time favorite moments:

We went on the California Adventure rapids ride with another family and really hit it off. I got got completely drenched and in turn, completely laughed at. There was speculation as to whether or not a certain seat is the one to always get drenched... to test our theory of the heavy side getting the most wet, we went on the ride again with that family. Approaching the front of the line, our plan of attack was decided- all the kidss on one side and all the adults on the other side of the circular shaped raft. As the raft flew down the first elevation, all the adults got a wall of water down their backs. And it continued. On the last and final drop, when the raft usually twists and turns, the raft acted as it had an invisible magnet- with the heavy side going down first, dropping like a lead balloon. Yes, our theory was right, but the only thing we had to show for it was a good, healthy soaking.

Mom's favorite ride: Thunder Mountain Railroad

Stephanie's favorite ride: The Tower of Terror

Jimmy's favorite ride: Space Mountain

Kaitlin's favorite rides: Indiana Jones and Mulholland Madness (we went on that ride 4 times in a row)


{april kennedy} said...

Those are ALL the best rides. Except Mulholland Madness is kind of jerky and makes me sick. Glad you had sooo much fun!

Beth Bell said...

Kaitlin is getting so big! I can't wait to see her again! And you too of course!:)

Frye Kids said...

oh we love Disneyland!!! it looks like you had a blast. so is Mulholland a new ride? we will have to check it out!