Self deafeating

We do not have cable TV so that I won't sit on my round rump (soon to be toned- I hit the 2o lb. weight loss mark!!!) all day and watch TV. There are boring and unrealistic shows on in the daytime... so what's a girl to do? Get the Blockbuster all access pass, of course! Now, I can sit on my posterior all day AND all night! I am currently in the eighth season of 'Friends'. Luckily, I can't watch that show when Kaitlin is home because it's a tad bit inappropriate for a five year old... but hey!-that's what preschool is for!


Liza said...

Too funny! I love mindless tv. I can watch Sex and the City reruns forever :) Congrats on the weight loss! How are you doing it?

audrey said...

ha! when i was down in mexico visiting my sister and her fam, i bought the entire set of Friends episodes at the market (yes, i know--pirated...i'm bad, don't tell me). and for only like 25, maybe 30, bucks!!! slowly making my way through all of the seasons : ) i'm entering season 7 : )

andy said the same thing--you want your daughter watching that one day?? ...i would one day like her company, watching them : ) but you're right... not till all those teenage/college-y years are thru!

xo.miss you.