Get the tissues ready...

On my favorite humor blog, there was this touching video. It reminds me of the Relief Society, all the wonderful friends I have and my family. I have been buoyed up in so many of my journeys and I am grateful for all that has been done, shared, endured or worried about on my behalf. Thank you all for contributing to my success. I choose to leave people anonymous when mentioning these things I have such gratitude for, but if it's you, you'll know! Thank you all for:

  • Helping me stay motivated while exercising, even if we look ridiculous
  • Teaching me the value of a clean and tidy home
  • Helping express my love of cooking by encouraging me through especially hard parties/events
  • Listening to me 'vent' and never utter the word 'gossip'
  • Being a fabulous example by serving the Lord selflessly
  • Sharing your talents and style, all while pulling me along behind you
  • Sifting through all my woes without judgment

You are all amazing people, why else would I associate myself with y'all?! Thank you again and I love you.


julyn said...

totally awesome. thanks for sharing that one.

april kennedy said...

awww, Stephanie...I loved that. It was so touching. thanks!