The Painted Lady

I have been in and out meeting the social worker for a few months now.
We meet often enough that she and I really get along.
And we know each other pretty well.
I thought.
Because I went into the office to talk to the worker and stood at her office door for some time before she would even acknowledge I was standing there. In fact, she kept making that strange 'who is this crazy lady' face at the other social worker sitting in her office. I just kept standing there smiling and awkwardly waving at our social worker while she was making more faces at her co-worker. Things were starting to get ridiculous, with all the non-verbal communication, I was starting to think I had read the signals wrong.
I said a chipper, "Hi!"
The social worker gasped and covered her mouth in surprise. "It's you! Hi, Stephanie!"
You guys, she hadn't recognized me before I spoke.
I was a creeper that was just standing at her door because the social worker had no clue who I was!
Strange, huh?
It's because I was finally wearing makeup.

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