But the gas is cheap...

I got pretty immune to the rough edges around the town that is Vallejo because I was driving Kate down there twice a week for a whole school semester. The things that bothered me before were justified and I seriously got good at glossing over things that could potentially bother me.
I drove through Vallejo today because I needed to go to a store there and happened to pass the gas station that I would frequent on my drives down here. Only because it was cheap gas. Very cheap. A whole fifty cents cheaper per gallon!
The place is a little sketch Mcgetch, but fifty cents!
Today when I went to fill up, in the middle of pumping my gas, there was a suspicious looking character in the parking lot. But it was okay, because there was a cop car with a K-9 unit in the same parking lot. I had some curiosity, but my blinders had prevented me from being afraid of any potential troubles.
Dude, my blinders did their job today!
Because that suspicious character got closer to our car and I just shrugged it off. And then the K-9 started barking and growling.
I kept pumping gas.
It was when the suspect was pinned to my car and being handcuffed that I thought maybe I could quite possibly be in a dangerous place. My awareness of the situation mounted when I had a need to play peek-a-boo through the car window so the littles would not see the criminal now being dragged away from my van and then re-cuffed to the fender of the police car. It was when I got back in the car and had to move it to make room for the backup officers that I finally realized- maybe it's worth an extra fifty cents to get my gas elsewhere.

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Scorchi said...

We bought pizza yesterday in Oakland and I had the same feelings. There were some very rowdy guys right outside the place. I stayed in the car to keep them from braking in (as if I could stop them) and Tom kept a constant eye on me while waiting for the pizza. The feeling of danger increased when Tom described the inside of the pizza place to me: All the workers were protected by bullet-proof glass, and the cashier was double protected!

But it had to be worth it because we do love Pizza Hut!