Hospital Visitors

We insisted that Kate be the first visitor. She dressed up in a special dress and everything. Which is really saying something, because she was there at 7:00 am!
And of course Grandmas were there too!



Carla and April:
Side note- I have a picture on my blog from four years ago. In the picture, Carla is in the bed holding her baby and April and I are flanking the bed. I was so incredibly fortunate to witness that birth. It was that birth that made me think, "I will never get to do that again." And so being a part of that birth was incredibly special for me. And bittersweet. However, that birth made me really start to delve into the feelings I had pushed out of my mind about not being able to have any more children. It was at that birth that I had a turning point that led me down the path of foster care and the winding road that led to the birth of Vivy. And so, friends, this picture is extremely special to me.  

This is Caren. Caren was at the hospital visiting her mother when my father-in-law bumped into her at the gift shop. She is a dear friend of mine. We worked at girls' camp together. To have her celebrate a new life come into this world while watching another slip away was pretty incredible.

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