Bringing Home Baby

Do you have any idea how amazing I felt after having this baby?!
All I wanted to do was get home with my little family. We begged the nurses to be the first ones discharged in the morning. They let us! Here we are all ready to go!
Can you get over those cheeks?!?! She hated her car seat that day and still hates it...

Kate was the first to hold baby when we got home. I have a feeling that these two will be glued at the hip.

Happy Father's Day Jimmy!
We actually brought Vivy home ON Father's Day.
I honestly don't think I'll be able to top this gift next year.

And, seriously?! this girl is so sassy already!
I jokingly say to people, "We already had a sweet one, now we get a spicy one!" Well, maybe not entirely joking...

This doe was spotted on our drive home and she had twin fawns. It was so touching!

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