Lost in Translation

When my sister chose to get married in the Mesa temple, she also chose to have a reception site very close to make it easier on out of town guests. I commend her for that. We however, did two things that made the easy trip from the temple to reception site a tad bit difficult. We a) did not print out directions before our trip and b) did not bring the invitation with the address. Fortunately for us, the natives are kind and gave us directions. This is how the afternoon went:

My brother, Tommy, gave us great directions to get to the Regency when we were standing outside of the temple in 110 degree heat. Now, I think I can blame the next part on the heat...
We followed the directions and could not find the venue. We went down the very short street a few times and could not find the building. We did not know the street number, just the name of the venue, "The Regency". We headed further down a cross street to ask for directions. There was a sweet old lady walking on the street that was happy to oblige. Her directions consisted of passing many fast food establishments. In fact, by the many establishments listed, we should have known at that point that we might have been going in the wrong direction. She was so confident that we trusted her. Well, I will tell you this- the woman on the street was correct. Jimmy and I followed her directions exactly and ended up at a hole-in-the-wall-pay-by-the-hour kind of motel. It was the Regency, alright. The Regency INN. What we had intended to go to was The Regency GARDEN. After realizing our error, I called Tommy and asked him for better directions. The first point of reference for finding the place? Oh, just find the place with bars on the windows. What?!?!?!

Upon arrival, I noticed they were not bars but wrought iron decorative grates that were actually quite stunning. We may have gotten to the reception a little late, but we came armed with a great ice breaking story.

The Regency GARDEN

The Regency INN

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