I'm a responsible adult

My sister-in-law Ashley is just the age to have all her teenage friends over for fun game nights. My responsibility for these game nights is to have fun with the kids and chaperon. We do fun (in a loving way, of course) pranks, play loud obnoxious rhythm games and laugh and eat pizza and shoot soda out our noses when we laugh... you know, all the good stuff. One prank in particular was my very favorite. Wait, before I tell you about the prank, I need to share with you who the recipients usually are: the kids that declined the invite to game night. So, they are all kids we like- hence the 'loving way' part of the prank.
On to my favorite mischeivery of all time.
It was at the beginning of the year and we drove to taco bell brainstorming the plan for that night. Driving through the neighborhoods, we realized that people had left their Christmas trees out at the curb for pick up the following morning. It was some one's ingenious idea to put all the trees we could find on the lawn and front porch of the kid missing from the pack that night. We drove within and one mile radius around the kid's house finding all the lone Christmas trees. The best part was having kids holding on to the tree through the window and dragging it as we drove very slow and stealth like. No less than 15 Christmas trees were collected and we plopped them all over the front lawn. It looked like a winter wonderland! The hardest part of these pranks is, of course, to keep quiet through it all and to prevent the shooting soda from ruining some one's lawn...

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