Congratulations to Jimmy!!!

I am so proud of my dear, sweet husband. He graduated last night with his Bachelor's in Business Management.

Here's the story behind the day:
We woke up early, early to get to the HP Pavilion by 9:00am to drop Jimmy off for registration. We went to turn around and received a concerned call from the graduate. He said that the information from his counselor was erroneous and the graduation didn't start at 10:00am, but at 1:30pm!!! We were having family coming in to town for the graduation and there were already well on their way to the venue. Plus, we had a reservation at a restaurant for 2:30... there was no way we were going to make that reservation. After much scrambling and cell phone usage, we got all guests to the Hotel Sainte Claire for brunch and cancelled the reservations for later that day. The hotel was very accommodating, elegant and delicious! I highly recommend it. Then off to the graduation where there were over 1,000 graduates... we counted. And guess what?! They read every.single.name. It wasn't too bad (only because I took Kaitlin outside to ride up and down the escalators for an hour) After much waiting and listening, Jimmy's name was read and we got to cheer for 1.5 seconds before the next name was read- It was thrilling. I cannot tell you the emotions that went through my head at such a rapid pace. My heart is swollen with pride, love, reminiscence and pure joy. I cannot believe the journey that we have shared together. He has been strong, patient and hard working. Congratulations!!!


Stacey said...

Congratulations to you and yours! what an accomplishment!

Corinne said...

Congratulations!! Lots of hard work finally paid off!