Let it snow!!!

It snowed here yesterday! I have never seen it snow in the Bay Area before. I still recall a day living in Santa Cruz when there was actually a little ice on our driveway... It was so exciting to play in the white fluff with Kaitlin. Granted, it was only a couple of inches, but still enough to make a little baby snowman!


{april kennedy} said...

how fun for Napa! we should have come crashed your snowball/snowman party!

Shawn said...

You're kidding me! I missed snow??!!

Melissa and Matt Seaton said...

I can't believe it snowed in Napa, that's crazy. It snowed here starting on Saturday night. It's been pretty cold and obviously it's been pretty cold there too. Looks like you guys had fun. I should go play in the snow, maybe I would if it wasn't 14 degrees outside!

The Lilly's said...

Hi Stephanie!

I loved getting your comment today, it was really touching, and you wanna hear something funny? I was just asking my mom about YOU this past weekend! As I check some of my Napa friends blogs, I've come across yours and enjoy reading your posts, you're really funny! I love reading about what's going on in Napa, and daydream of what it would be like to live there again and be a "chick in an apron"! :)
I'll be looking for you next time I come to Napa 2nd Ward. By the way, I see you lived in Santa Cruz. One of the missionaries that's been working with Steve is from Aptos. You don't know any Jennerjohns, do you?