House of the Sick

I have officially walked the red carpet to collect my award as 'Worst Wifey of the Year'... Jimmy has been so sick the past week. Like, gross, hacking cough/high fever/achy/whiny sick. And I have banished him to the guest room. I can still hear him coughing and snoring at night, but the guest room is farther away than any other room in the house. I am considering making him sleep in the car tonight. In my defense, for the first 48 hours I waited on him hand and foot, bringing medicine, water, soup etc. Then Kaitlin got sick with a fever of 103 and I was left a lone well person in the House of Graham. Gosh, now my duty had doubled from one whining baby to two. By the fourth day of doing my rounds in the sick ward, I got fed up and started letting the two invalids fend for themselves. Or let the sick husband care for the sick child, rather. Yeah, I'm that evil. Thus, waiting for the lightning to strike... or a high fever, whichever comes first.


{april kennedy} said...

my hubby has been hacking aka gross coughing for three weeks now. I'm done with it too. good luck and hope you stay well.

Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

good luck- i hope you don't get it!

Frye Kids said...

LOl you are too funny. girl i dont blame you one bit in fact i think YOU should go to a nice hotel and order room service and watch movies all day!