Something Wicked this way comes...

Yes, I know it has been a FULL week since I last posted... shame on me. Hopefully the insane amount of pictures shall suffice as an apology. If not, I can always send you chocolate... if that doesn't work, we should not be friends.

My mom planned this whole trip. It was so fun! She got super awesome seats, a limo, fancy-schmancy dinner and other amazing things to make this day special!

Megan, me and Carla. This is just the beginning, folks...

This is limo #1- my mom made a reservation with them months in advance, but they never confirmed... so, she reserved another limo the day of.

Here's limo #2- I am so glad it was the more awesome limo!What a lady looks like going into the city for an evening with the girls.

Oh, just wait for the other shots...

Go, Carla! Love the shag carpet!

Fake lashes and luscious red lips... can a girl ask for more?

That's it, Megan- smile with the eyes!

I love how we're taking these fabulous pictures and our moms are wearing seat belts in the back!

The obligatory Charlie's Angels shot required at any girls' night out.

Gotta love the SHOES!

Teresa and her foot. This gal is amazing... one of my friends was unable to come to the play last minute. We needed someone fast. I called Teresa and this is how the conversation went:

Steph: Hi, Teresa!
Teresa: Hi!
Steph: SO, how are you at doing stuff last minute and being spontaneous? Like, tonight... (mind you, it was a Thursday)
Teresa: What do you want to do?
Steph: I'm picking you up in a limo in five minutes and we're all wearing high shoes.
Teresa: I'll be ready.
AND SHE WAS!!!! Teresa was so much fun!

Toasting to the night with the sparkling cider that made us a little tipsy... that's the way Mollys roll.

My mom had these flowers delivered to the restaurant. We went to The Fifth Floor Poulet et Homard- chicken gratinee and butter poached lobster, baby artichokes, asparagus and friend hazelnuts, chicken-lobster broth

slow-cooked loch duart salmon, confit of purple sweet potatoes, glazed chestnuts, smokey blue fondue and grilled red onions


KJ said...

What a night!

What a mom for arranging all of it!

What an awesome WICKED time!

Shawnie said...

Those pictures are the BEST! You're so funny! Looks like you all had a great time and what a fun mom you have. Teresa said she had a great time too.

Rebecca Jo said...

First... LOVE the hat!

you girls didnt need anything but a limo to have a good time! Those pictures are hilarious!!!!

Looks like a perfect time out!

Nikki said...

How freakin fun!!! Love the shoe pics. Looks like y'all had a ball.

Ohh ... I'll take the chocolate too :)

Jennifer said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pictures turned out soooooooo good. I can't wait to scrap them.

By the way, I do think I would like some chocolate. J/k

{april kennedy} said...

LOVE those pics! That was a great play by play!

mills said...

SOOOOO FUN! ok in the first shoe picture...can we say SPRAY TAN CARLA!!! I look like a Cullen (one can dream right?) haha

Nicea said...

What fun pictures! And a fun time with girlfriends, too. I found your blog linked to my sister's (Shawnie, above) and noticed that you are also linked to (No) Sex and the City who's author is the daughter of our friends who live just down the street from us here in Utah. Do you know her personally? Interesting how few degrees of separation there really are sometimes.