give him a little kick...

Because I was away for the weekend, Jimmy picked up Kate from school on Friday afternoon. Apparently, Kate witnessed a little boy hurting a little girl and felt like she should do something about it. Although she is bold and precise at home, my daughter is very shy in public places and around those she does not know very well. So, rather than approach the situation right away, Kate wrote a letter that I stumbled upon tonight. Her plan is to deliver said letter to the girl tomorrow. I was so touched by the note, that I decided to take the note and keep it in her memory box- but I know she would wake up first thing in the morning in panic if the note was nowhere to be found. My intention is to copy the note here so that I may be able to read it again. Here's what it says:

Dear Female,
I hope you're okay from Joseph twisting your arm. At first, I thought you guys were playing. By the time he let go, I realized what had happened. Don't let him treat you like that! You're not worth how he's treating you! Here are the ways not to get bullied:
1) Tell him to stop.
2) If he doesn't listen, give him a little kick.
3) If that doesn't work, tell on him.
4) If that doesn't work, pretend you're not scared and tell him you're not worth what he's doing to you.
And say these very words, "I am not worth this!" with faith and feeling.
I know how you feel! One time, a boy pushed me down to the floor and beat me up. I felt ashamed for not standing up for myself. So I know how you feel. I haven't gotten bullied this year yet! But I feel bad for all the other people who have to go through it. I'm probably going to help them. Do you want to be friends?

P.S. The key to being successful is believing in yourself! That you can do it! Give me the answer if you want to be my friend or not. Also, your first and last name. Plop it in my backpack at room 11 at the very top hook, first one by the door. My name is Kate Graham.

Word for word, folks.


Kelly said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
That is priceless!!! I wish we could all go to her school and watch what happens next.

Not your typical designer. said...

"the key to being successful!"
LOVE that girl.