What a fabulous weekend!!!*

For her 8th birthday, Kaitlin wanted nothing more than to get baptized on that day. She is a very fortunate girl in that, not only did she get baptized on September 3rd- but so much of the family was there to support and celebrate!

We started out the weekend with a burrito feast and catching up. Then a HUGE breakfast, a trip to the Farmer's market, the OxBow public market (with the oh-so-fabulous spice shop), Fuller park and off to the church. We then participated in the baptism and celebrated at Filippi's for dinner. That night we played games, blew up multiple air mattresses and just enjoyed each other. Then, on Sunday morning we filled a whole church pew and spent the day eating leftovers and hiking. On Monday, Kate got her ears pierced (while SO MANY family members watched. The girls piercing Kate's ears said they'd never seen such a large crowd for an ear piercing.) We also went to Buckhorn and the local monastery. The night was finished off with a FHE at Bishop Wagner's house and some seriously yummy foods. Oh yeah, then we had an all girls' night to pop on over and see The Help. If there weren't enough activities to make your head spin, I shall add some more! A breakfast visit to Bouchon occured as well as tromping around the Vintage 1870 Pavillion in Yountville. The final stop for our guests was Dean & Deluca to drool over $10 chocolate bars (We only drooled, did not purchase... too bad for the sucker that bought the bar with our drool on it)

On the eventful final day of family visiting, we also got a brand new car and took Jimmy to the ER. (It's a van-name to be determined- and Jimmy is fine... mostly a bruised ego) What a whirlwind of a time! We LOVED every minute of it!

* I sincerely apologizefor lack of pictures- blogger will not allow me to post them right now- blerg.

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Matt and Melissa said...

It sure was a fabulous weekend! I had so much fun seeing you guys! Love you sis!