My Royal Date

Yes. I am your dork friend that got a substitute for seminary, set her alarm and went to a live showing of the Royal Wedding at the Cameo Cinema in St. Helena. I met Sydney, one just as entranced with sparkles, baubles and the like to view the nuptials. We each wore appropriate attire for the event (Sydney: feathers, Me: pillbox hat and gloves). The theater was packed! Highlights:

  • Quiche from CIA Greystone that was so delicious, I begged for the recipe. I'll let you know if I ever get that. I will not hold my breath.

  • Wedding Cake (also soooo delicious!) We each ate three pieces... one in public, two snuck out of the lobbby and plopped on to current plates trying to hide the evidence of multiple plates.

  • Giggling, sighing and swooning at all the right times.

I LOVE the picture below! They look so in love. I am so happy about her dress- sleeves will be coming back into style! Hooray! She also wore a very tasteful reception dress with a sweater. Modest is hottest! Funny story of the night/freaking early morning: Sydney and I had out ongoing commentary while photograpers snapped pictures of us like paparazzi. One of the many subjects- the princesses sitting behind the queen during the ceremony. At the time, we had no knowledge that the young ladies were princesses, so Sydney and I had come to this conclusion: they were there to make the queen look good. In fact, we gave them the nicknames The Royal Uglies. Not because they were ugly (by no means, actually both have great bone structure. And the shoes are FABULOUS) But, why in the world would two young beautiful women choose to dress like this?!:

Because we had coined the term "The Uglies" between us in jest, pointing at the screen and shouting that specific term very loudly in a moment later in time proved to be rather embarassing. Because everyone at the theater was in the same ridiculous boat as us, the embarassment only lasted a short time. Really, how could you be miffed by a captive audience full of multicolred jim jams and obnoxious hats?!

All in all, good night, great time, lots of laughs and we landed a picture in the paper!


SydneyHughes92 said...

Ahhhh THEEEE best date ever!! And the best quiche ever. And the best cake ever. And the best Royal Uglies and Dandruff Dusters. And the best Apple :)

Rella said...

I never would have attended this even but really I'm glad YOU did so we could hear about it from your perspective! I agree completely with the Royal Uglies statement. I decided to view a few of the photographs online and this one of the Princesses caught my eye. I couldn't believe anyone would dress like this, especially for a royal wedding, and then found out who they were. Oh my! Hehehe! Thanks for your entertaining perspective!