You can't take me anywhere....

Goodness Gracious! My Stephanitus* is returning with a vengance... and mutation. Just last week I drove Jimmy's car car to go grocery shopping and it beat me up. I swear, if I didn't give it the evil eye, yours truly would be stuck at the bottom of SF bay with cement shoes. Instead of the offending footwear, I came home with a bruise on my arm that was just begging for a, "he pushed me down the stairs" comment. As sick as my sense of humor is sometimes, I did not have the guts to do that.

While at a regional camp meeting with the girls, I gave into the hankering for a starburst (fruit punch flavored, you understand) and came out of the equation with a broken tooth. Niiice. Fortunately for my friends, the broken tooth made it difficult for talking because it just kept scratching my tongue. I bet they've never heard me be such a good listener before.
So, after a long and painful dentist visit, I find out that I will be getting a gold crown... haahaa! Who's car is gonna bully me now with my new grill?!

*Stephanitus- the tendency to hit your elbow on everything. I was given this diagnosis in high school by dear brother, Jimboette.

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Melissa and Matt said...

Sad to hear all the rough moments you've had lately what with an abusive car and nasty piece of starburst! Glad you survived the dentist! Love you sis!