I believe in signs...

especially when there are four succesive signs working in conjunction with one another.
Four signs from the universe of why I should not have purchased an oreo cookie shake at the drive thru when getting Kaitlin* lunch:

1.) The cosmic way in which the attendant forgot to make the oreo shake and held up the entire lunch traffic behind me while I waited
2.) The kismet of a broken straw realized after leaving the window
3.) The karma of spilling a shake while trying to drink without a straw (all over a brand new just-took-off-the-tag-today shirt from Nordstrom)
4.) The serendipity of poking a hole in the bottom of the cup because of a hidden earring in the cup holder

*don't judge I got the apples and milk instead of fries and soda.... I, however, got a milk shake.


I Play With Fire said...

Looks like the cards were stacked against you!! Don't you just love days like that?

Anonymous said...

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