If I were a Disney character...

yesterday would've been accompanied by singing forest creatures and background village peasants harmonizing during the chorus. I had a day straight from the heavens! May I explain?... It's my blog, of course I can explain!

Once upon a time there was voluptuous and kind princess named Stephanie. She woke up one morning to the sound of a beautiful ringing noise. "Oh dear, she thought, that must be the sweet maiden Cammie calling from a distant land! I must go to her!" So princess Stephanie rose from her chambers and gracefully prepared for a day at the nearest castle. After dropping her child off at 8:30 in morn, Stephanie went well on her merry way to Castillo de Amorosa.
At the expansive castle, Princess Stephanie was able to give dearest Cammie a squeeze and continue up the turret steps. At the top of the winding stairs, a local of the castle dweller showed each room while the princesses listened in awe. Princess Stephanie and Princess Cammie thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the fabulous features... except for maybe the torture chamber. Seeing an authentic Iron Maiden gave the princesses the serious heebie-jeebies.
Although the princesses were not accepting of the castle's grogg, the famed Capri Sun sufficed. After a wonderful and informative meeting with the castle dwellers, The princesses attended a mid day feast at Boskos. There, they enjoyed lemon and herb grilled artichokes, garlic bread, field green salad, the best ever pasta with marscapone and fresh tomatoes- a feast fit for a king! The princesses were not sufficiently stuffed, and the local frozen sweet shop was calling just as a dove cries for her mate.
Princess Stephanie and Princess Cammie heeded the call of the shop in the form of quite possibly the best ice cream ever! Strawberry and vanilla swirled ice cream with white chocolate hearts and strawberry filled dark chocolate hearts. It was then that Princess Stephanie bid Princess Cammie adieu to continue on her pleasant journey!
Having such a wonderful mid day jaunt provided Princess Stephanie with the energy and enthusiasm to continue on with some other princesses in the area. After a 13 minute primping ( I know the princess is phenomenal!), Princess Stephanie met up with her fellow princesses- April, Lynette and Amy for trip to the largest kingdom in all the land, San Francisco!
With stunning scarf (she pulled it off), brazilian earrings and sparkling shoes on her feet, Stephanie joined the other ladies in partaking of her second feast of the day at Frachino's Ristorante. The second feast of the day from the far away land of Italy! Upon the princess' plate was insalata capreses, bruschetta, freshly made pappardelle, leeks, prociutto and mushrooms. A feast that was sopped up with crusty italian bread!
The court jesters extended an invitaion to the ladies and they accepted. So, onto the presentation of Beach Blanket Babylon! There, the princesses enjoyed themselves thoroughly. There was music, laughter and crazy big hats! If an Italian feast a show by the jesters weren't enough, the second ice cream cone of the day for Princess Stephanie made it nearly complete. A cafe around the corner provided our heroine with hazlenut biscotti and grasshopper pie ice cream.
During the dessert course of the feast, the princesses were excited to hear of the new prince to be born any moment. after a thrilling trip to the far off kingdom of San Francisco, the princesses stopped at the castle Kaiser to visit Carla in the midst of her child bearing.
There, Princess April coached sweet, strong and amazing Princess Carla through the journey to become the mother of a son. The experience was asacred and special one for all. Stephanie sincerely appreciated being there to be part of a miraculous and beautiful occurence. It was a highlight of her life and especially precious because she will never get to experience for herself again. What an amazing day in the life of a princess.
And they all lived happily ever after!


{april kennedy} said...

So glad to be a part of your Fairytale Day!

Brittani said...

i want to be a part of a fairytale day sometime! how neat that you could be there for Carla--- I have heard a rumor (unconfirmed due to HIPPA) that my daddy was there too! isn't birth amazing? I am constantly awed by it and I am able to be a part of it almost every day.

lmhiserman said...

I hope you liked Franchino's and Beach Blanket Babylon. Bummed I couldn't make it. And, a birth to boot. How exciting! I wish I was there with you.