We could be stars!

We did it! April and I tried out for a reality show yesterday!!!
Hence, the poll on the sidebar.
The show is called 24 hr Restaurant Battle on the Food Network. If we get on the show, I would do the cooking, April would do the decorating... folks, how could we not win?!
Here's a rundown of the day:
4:15am: wake up and drag Jimmy & Kaitlin to my MIL's to sleep while I teach Seminary. (the life of one car is green, but sometimes inconvenient)

5:50am-6:40am: Teach Seminary and beg kids to pray for me during the day. May have said at one point, "I know you guys may surprised that a fat chick would try to get on tv, but I am the funny fat one... and what would Goonies be without Chunk?!"

6:45am-7:30: Get Kate ready for school and send her off with a fat kiss. Start to get beautified, only to realize that I left my underpants at home... had to squeeze into my mother-in-law's panties. She is half my size. Cue scary mental picture and ashamed laughter.

8:23: freak out and threaten to pee my all too tight underpants.

8:26: hop in April's car for a fun and nervous ride into the city.

10:15: arrive at hotel and get into line behind (only 2!!!) other groups. I neglected to see the holding room that everyone was waiting in. The holding room was filled with lots of black/suit clad contestants. April and I were the only ones wearing any color (go yellow!)

11:15: got called in to the interview...

11:16-11:19: talked with the casting agent about how awesome (and humble, of course) we really are. Made an impression, I think. She fawned over April's handmade jewelry and loved our yellow. We answered questions about why, how and if we could compete on the show. At one point the interviewer asked April how much experience she had in the restaurant biz and April replied, "None." The interviewer did a double take and April's sparkle in the eye led to, "...but I know I would be good at it!" It was perfect comedic timing. I felt like the banter we had was like a well written play. We came in with a smile a left with a giggle. We were all us.

The rest of the day: floated on a cloud through the Mission district, thrift shop, BiRite Creamery, Marshall's and (my mother ship) Ross.

I am so happy with how it went. I have no regrets over anything I said or did (except for forgetting my underwear... who knows maybe too small panties are lucky). I truly felt the support of everyone that thought of us during the day... thanks all!

p.s.- I will update if we get a call back. Expect lots of exclamation marks...


Brittani said...

sooooo exciting! that is so awesome and brave of you guys. when do you hear anything?

Ms. Green Eyes said...

love this post. you are too funny. and how fun!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Just found your blog via the Funky Vintage Kitchen. LOVE IT and I'm your newest follower. I can tell you are a riot, great personality and I look forward to more!
Jessica @